Meet the team

Would you like to train with one of our trainers? Get in touch with us to find out about their availability and rates. Don’t forget to tell us a little bit of info about yourself and your goals. We will get back to you with the right fit.



Corinne teaches our Stronger for Longer classes and you will often see her training hard at the gym as well!

Favourite quote/motto:
“Rest in reason, Move in passion”

Training philosophy: 
I just want my clients to enjoy their workouts, see progress and stay injury free. I personally like to set goals for myself when I train and keep things interesting. For me fitness is not just about health or appearance it’s a special “ME” time with tons of rewards. So why not make the most of it? I think it’s important to try different styles of workouts or sports and find the one that challenges, motivates and makes you happy and stay open minded
Personal Trainer certification, National Council on Strength & Fitness
Functional Fitness for Older Adults CEU, National Council on Strength & Fitness
Personal trainer, The New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness NZIHF
Fitness consultant, The New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness NZIHF
Exercise prescription for the prevention and treatment of disease, Trinity College Dublin
BOSU Complete workout System Certification
Ageing Well: Falls and Falls prevention course, Newcastle University (in progress)
BOSU BALL training
LIVE LONGER&STRONGER ACC Fall prevention programme

Interests: Spending time with family and friends, studying and learning new things including languages, fitness related subjects and history. Landscaping has become a recent hobby.


Denisa is our manager and  looks after staff and members. She will take care of your inquiries and requests. 

Favourite quote/motto:
  You have two homes: Earth+Your Body. Take care of them!

I became a member of the gym in 2013 when I first came to the island. Not long after I started work as a trainee and enrolled in a PT course at AUT. Since then I have worked with our members as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, lead fitness boxing classes and high school student fitness programs.

I am now managing the facility  and am responsible for both our staff and members. While my duties are largely administrative I like to keep the balance in my job and still enjoy writing occasional programs for our members.  After all helping others to improve their quality of life is what I love about this industry and what started this new vocation. Working in this community based gym has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

I am all about finding the right fitness focus that works for me in the moment. My interests over the years include: Powerlifting, Boxing, Pole Dance …. You will see me e-biking or walking around Waiheke a lot!
Training philosophy: 
You can’t build a great building on a weak or no foundation therefore I am all about building the base first. I like to work with clients who want to learn the fundamentals of fitness and how to safely exercise while having fun.  

2014, AUT Level 5, Personal Trainer + Fitness Instructor
2015, Functional Movement Systems, FMCS
2016, AUT Sports Massage2017, Precision Nutrition
2017, National Certificate in Business, First Line Management level 4 – Skills Active
Interests: Environment and Sustainability, Volunteering, learning new languages (currently Spanish), cooking, traveling

Gus is one of our Personal Trainers and instructors. He also leads Strength + Mobility classes! 

He is available for assessments as well as Personal Training!

Favourite quote/motto:
Life is about journey, not the destination. Enjoy the little things ~ Anonymous.

Training Philosophy
I believe in the importance of developing a strong, well coordinated foundation of exercise with clear attainable goals in mind to help stay focused and motivated. My focus in fitness is longevity based, I don’t want to reach my prime too early. Steadily get stronger, fitter, knowledgeable, and to find more enjoyment in fitness. Rather than constant injury and setbacks. After all, we learn to walk before we can run. 

My Knowledge in fitness comes mostly from Strength and Hypertrophy. Using resistance based training to reach strength, muscle gain, or fat loss related goals.
I love to ski, there is no feeling quite like carving deep, floating through powder, flying off cliffs, between trees and over jumps.
I also love the outdoors, hiking, fishing, surfing. You name it, i’m there with a smile on!

Personal Trainer NZIHF
New Zealand Certificate in Exercise Level 4
New Zealand Certificate in Exercise Level 5

Heidi is our Pump and Yoga and aerobics instructor

Favourite quote/motto:
 ‘Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you
that is greater than any obstacle.’  -Christian D. Larson

Training Philosophy:
Think positively, Exercise Daily, Eat Healthy, Work Hard, Stay Strong, Worry Less, Dance More, Love Often, Be Happy, Sleep Peacefully….
Your body is for life, inside and out, so exercise for life, whatever form of exercise that may be. Have a healthy daily diet, everything in moderation. Be authentic in all that you do and strive to resonate at your highest frequency to ‘lift’ everyone around you. Be your best version of yourself :)

PREMIER Training & Development Diploma: 2000 Windsor, UK:
Fitness Training &Sports Therapy: Fitness Instruction, Nutrition,
Body Massage, Sports Massage, Sports Therapy & rehabilitation,
Circuits & Exercise to Music (Aerobics)
BODY PUMP – Les Mills 2002 London, UK
FITBALL – Physique 2002 London, UK
STEP – Fulcrum Training 2002 London, UK
SIVANANDA YOGA – Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (200hrs) 2002 Kerala, India
BODY COMBAT – Les Mills 2004 Windsor, UK
Safe Integration of Pregnant Students in Yoga Class – Sitaram Yoga 2005 London, UK
PREGNANCY YOGA – The Life Centre 2007 London, UK
KU-NYE Tibetan Massage – Tibetan Massage Centre, Bagsu 2018 Dharmsala, India
NADI Wellness, Vinyasa Flow Yoga (200hrs) 2020, Queenstown, NZ
I have a husband and 3 young boys so family time is very important to me. We enjoy nature walks, cycling, bowling and good movies together. I also enjoy paddle boarding, 5-Rhythms and Yoga. I have recently attended my 2 nd 200hr YOGA TEACHER TRAINING (Vinyasa Flow) which I LOVED and totally embraced. I am now focusing on completing the follow-up requirements of yoga book reviews, participating in and observing more yoga classes, aswell as practising to teach my recent learnings, to attain my full NADI Yoga certification


He is available for assessments as well as Personal Training!

Jaque started at Waiheke Workout as a passionate member and became a staff member in 2015. Jaque looks after our members and also after our equipment. He is available for Personal Training sessions.

“Working everyday to become the person I needed when I was younger”

Training Philosophy: Coming from a sports background and heading into a sporting future, fitness has always been a big part of my life. I use my life long experience and knowledge to help my clients achieve their fitness goals and improve their quality of life.
I am available to help clients with body transformations, sport specific conditioning and event/show preparation.
Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training – FIT college
Basic Human Nutrition Level 1 – IFBB International
Interests:  Aside from bodybuilding and fitness my interests are food, adventure and gaming.

Lyn is our Yin Yoga instructor – more info coming soon


She is available for assessments as well as Personal Training!

Macarena has been teaching our Mat Pilates class since 2019! In 2021 she has started working in the gym as well, completed her Personal Training Certificate and is available to help you with your program or for personal training sessions!

“What is dance to you? Flyin’ like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity.”  Billy Eliot

Training philosophy
“I like to teach my students how to be aware and get to know their body. If you know your body you will know how far you can go and what you need to do to improve. When stretching I like my students to be extra aware as we work in partners. We learn to liven not only our body but others body too. “

“I am a dancer and a makeup artist. I have been traveling the world and lived in two countries for the last year and a half. I started traveling with my boyfriend with a plan to travel for three months and I ended up staying for a year in Denmark. Then I also lived in Berlin. Its been a really nice experience, Its exciting to be there and figure out whats next without a plan.”

Macarena is qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor and attended many dance workshops and courses over the years:
NZIHF Certificate in Fitness Leadership + Certificate in Personal Training (2021)
A month studying in Los Angeles in Movement Lifestyle, Millennium Dance Complex and EDGE Dance Studio ( March 2017)
A month in New York in Broadway Dance Center and Peridance ( February 2017)
Studies of Hip Hop with Esteban Pablo Toppi and Nahuel leguizamon (2015-2016)
Studies of Contemporary with Sol Gilgorri (2016)
Studies of Contemporary Jazz with Natalia Mussio, Ana Azcurra, Soledad Galoto (2012-2016)
Professional formation workshop in Viceversa (2013-2015).
Studies of Flamenco with Laura Azcurra (2011/2013).
Instructor of Pilates (2012)
Studies of Stretching with Laura Winter (2012)
Jazz teacher, degree obtained in Estudio Cambrée (2011)
Ballet studies in the with Baby Pascual and Liliana Cepeda (2011/2012).
Modern Jazz studies with Noemi Cohelo (2011).
Contemporary studies with Marisol Carbajal (2011-1012)
Summer work shop of ballet in Julio Bocca y Ricky Pashkus (2011).
Jazz studies in Estudio Cambrée (2002-2011)
Ballet studies in Estudio Cambrée (2008-2010)


She is available for assessments as well as Personal Training!

Maria is our newest addition to the team. She has available spots for Personal Training. Get in touch if you would like to book for an initial conslutation with her

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!  Today is the day to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Training Philosophy
You can be fit and healthy at any age.  I want to help my clients feel strong and confident no matter what comes their way.
American Council on Exercise, Personal Trainer
Professional Ski Instructors of America, Certified Alpine and Cross Country Ski Instructor
US Ski Team Approved Youth Cross Country Ski Coach
TRX Certified Instructor
Functional fitness for all ages and activities.  My focus is to help my clients gain a better understanding of the importance of improving and maintaining your strength, balance and flexibility to live your best, most active lifestyle.
In January of 2021 we moved our family of 5 from Breckenridge, Colorado to Waiheke Island.   We are all avid skiers but now will be embracing our love of water sports – SUP, kayaking, boating, sailing, swimming and kitesurfing.  I am also a trail runner and hiker/backpacker and look forward to trading in my Rocky Mountains in Colorado to explore the beautiful trails of New Zealand.  I have a passion for travel and cooking and in my downtime, a good book.

Mika is our lovely receptionist

“I will greet you when you come in to the gym. I like working in this positive environment. I worked at Waiheke Workout as an aerobics instructor from 1997 to 2004, taking a rather long break now I’m back.
My current activities in my free time are yoga and power walking. My passion are cooking, spinning (not the bike! But wool, yarn and knitting)
I love flowers. If you see flowers on the desk it’s me! “


She is available for assessments as well as Personal Training!

Nydia is our superb Aquafit and Wakeup! Workout instructor! She will look after you when you need a new gym program, is available for Personal Training and sometimes covers variety of our group fitness classes.


Training philosophy
I have 30+ years in the fitness industry and have a passion for helping people realize their potential, always moving towards a healthier and energised lifestyle for longevity
Exercise Training Academy – Advanced Diploma in Sport and Group Fitness
Intec College – National Certificate for Fitness and Nutrition
Physical IQ (NASM) National Academy of Sport Medicine – Corrective Exercise Specialist
Varsity College – Effective Management Skills
Hiking (Part of the mountain backpackers in South Africa.
Running (Comrade ultra marathon, 89km in South Arica) Whew!
Swimming (Midmar mile 1.6km swim) did it for fun (twice) – I am not a good swimmer! I do enjoy stand up paddling
I play the piano and enjoy crafts


Rahman is our group fitness superstar instructor! He teaches most of our choreographed aerobic classes (Zumba, Pump and Step). He’s been teaching group fitness classes for many years.
Training Philosophy
“Although cooking is my passion, fitness is my priority. I like to make exercise fun and challenging for students of all levels, teaching new moves with uplifting music. I aim to create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere so that it feels more like a party than a workout.”
Certified Zumba Instructor
Strong by Zumba Instructor
Power Music
Interests Creative cooking, dancing, fashion, and traveling.


Richard is available for Personal Training sessions!

Richard is the owner of Waiheke Workout and a Personal Trainer.

Waiheke Workout opened on April Fool’s day, 1996, Waiheke’s very own 1st fitness centre. The gym, still on the same site, has grown from its small beginnings to a modern facility with many and varied services.
Historically I was responsible for everything and everyone, working with clients, members staff and facility management. I spend less time at the desk now, instead focusing on my personal training clients and any special needs members.
With 25 years experience in the industry I have learnt to deliver practical fitness solutions that are both rewarding and fun. I  passionately believe in our logo slogan ‘Exercise for life’ and think exercise is the key to a full and independent life.